Estate & Tag Sale Service

Tag sale services can cover a variety of options and needs. April’s estate sale services include one or two day sales, and three or four day sales for larger estates.  
Selling household contents requires organization and display, and we provide all tables and locking showcases; including valuable jewelry and smaller items. 

Researching and evaluating each item to determine fair market value is another part of our estate sale service responsibilities. Generally 80-90 percent of the items are sold, but any remaining items can be picked up by charity for tax deduction, or we’ll contact a removal service.

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Promoting and advertising an estate sale in New Jersey includes newspaper ads, website postings and email marketing reaching 15,000 subscribers at our expense.

Tag sale services also include the safety and regulation of the home. Our system carefully limits the number of customers in the house at any time. Finally, all purchases are given bags and wrapping paper to carry home safely.

​Our diverse and qualified staff have multiple areas of expertise as well as affiliations with the Appraiser's Association of America (AAA), and we are USPAP compliant.

​Our areas of expertise include:
-Common Household Furnishings
-Fine Silver, Artwork, Jewelry
-Folk Art
-Mid Century Furnishings
-Machinery and Tools

-Architectural Components
-Collectibles & Clocks
-Porcelain, China & Crystal
-Electronics & Consumer Appliances
-Musical Instruments

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